Light skin: My results after 7 months | Pictures & facts

I am not just reviewing the products to sell to my patients and make money, and that is a very bad thing. I am also reviewing this because I am an expert on the subject, and have worked with hundreds of patients on their skin issues.

Here are the products I am reviewing, and what I believe the benefits are.

Lighten-Up Shampoo I bought this product from Amazon, and have tried it a few times and it is not as amazing as the reviews indicate. It has a very mild shampoo and conditioner which works great on light skin. However, I found that it does not make the skin lighter or clearer. I have oily skin, and I have to use this product every day because my oily skin does not like it, and the shampoo does not work on my dry skin. Lightening Balm I have never had any experience with the "lightening balm" (not even once) before, but I do know that it is expensive, as is a lot of stuff you have to buy to make your skin "better". This is the product I bought for my lighter skin and oily skin. I use this everyday, and have not experienced any negative effects from it at all.

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