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Sleep quality is very important to human health and well being. In this blog post I will be comparing the most popular sleep products for a better sleep. When you sleep, your body is designed to go through various stages. During sleep, your body goes through different stages which are called sleep stages. The stages include: sleepiness (slow down), light sleep, deep sleep, REM, rapid eye movement, NREM, slow wave sleep, and REM. The type of sleep is dependent on the stage you are in. During sleep, the body moves to the right and down the limb of the sleep cycle. In NREM sleep, you have little to no visual input to allow the brain to move the muscles. In slow wave sleep, you sleep and wake at the same time. Your body goes into REM sleep and wakes up, as in REM sleep, but your brain doesn't move very far. In REM sleep, the brain is very active. The visual and auditory pathways of the brain are not fully developed and this helps to prevent rapid eye movement and other sleep related problems. During REM sleep, there are very few problems.

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